Time sure goes by fast

So time definitely goes by fast. As I (and everyone else) get older, it seems like we say this more often–that times seems to go by faster. There is at least one point every month where I say something such as “it’s February, but it will be Christmas tomorrow.” I cannot believe the boys (or the dudes as we call them-see labor story) are now seven weeks old. The past seven weeks have honestly been a blur. The first three were pretty delirious and I’m not sure what even happened other than feeding or changing–there definitely was no sleep involved. The next two were spent enjoying the beauty of the dudes, along with the trivial and mundane aspects of life. Ben and I had serious discussions about who would do what just to get out of the house. Mind you, this was not to get away from the dudes, but rather just to literally get out of the house. How trivial? We spent at least ten minutes going back and forth about who would take Abby to the vet to get her shots, and one day I decided that I would take the car to get an oil change. Not sexy stuff, but normal enough stuff that makes you feel normal, and part of society again. There have also been a few trips to Target to get a latte and randomly walk down aisles.

The boys are doing amazing. This week they weighed in at 9#1oz (Elliott) and 8#4oz (Mason) respectively. They also got their first round of shots (so sad), and are tempting to sleep longer during their night feedings (yay for mom!). Elliott is flirting with smiling and is more focused and attentive. Mason is even more serious and quizzical. You always wonder what he is thinking with his furrowed brow. Ben and I have decided that next week will be their first road trip and we are headed to the beach. They are not big enough for kite flying or waffle cone eating yet, but I’m sure like Christmas, that will be here tomorrow.


Waiting for shots


After shots




Mason thinking


7 weeks

So small

So small

And not to forget our third child

And not to forget our third child


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