The Randoms, April 2013

The dreaded Comcast

So we were without internet for about four days. Not that big of a deal…I thought. However, without Internet, Ben and I both went over our data plans on our phones…and that is more costly than I intended. The reason we didn’t have Internet?: Comcast. Now part of this is my fault and I take full responsibility. It was $15 to self install or $35 to have someone come out. Silly me thought she would save $20 and do it myself…I mean I’m smart…resourceful…yeah yeah. Well they sent the wrong modem, and then when we had a new one resent it took us (with many calls to Comcast) to set it up. Now again, part of this is my fault…but I also blame Comcast for a number of reasons: 1) in my online chatting conversation I told them we needed a wireless router (which they did not send the first time); and 2) Comcast sucks (ask just about anyone…yes the Internet is fast, but it’s expensive, AND such a hassle to get going). After receiving a letter in the mail telling us about a special offer, they then told me it wasn’t available in my area (gee thanks for sending the letter); they changed the price of things twice citing that it was more expensive in my area (of course); then after online chatting with someone who told me everything I needed to know and getting to the final stage (where he then “God Blessed” me…slightly inappropriate for the setting–I have a transcript as proof), I then had to finalize my order by online chatting with another representative where we had to start all over again. I also had to repeatedly tell them I ONLY wanted internet. Whatever. We have Internet again…and it is fast.

Lamo wrist

Actually the technical term is “DeQuervain’s Tendonitis.” Here is an article on how common it is for new moms…so common that they have nicknamed it “new mom’s syndrome.” New moms beware! So this is the awesome thing I get to wear for 4-6 weeks.

Photo on 2013-04-17 at 12.09

Flashback…or Throwback (either or)

As I said before, time goes by fast, but you forget how fast technology evolves. When I was in undergraduate (circa 1999-2003) there were no Ipods, etc. If you worked out, you had one of these:

Screen shot 2013-04-17 at 12.12.43 PM

Right? Who remembers? And you programmed five radio stations to listen to. Basically you were at the mercy of a good song to get you amped up to workout/run, and also on the reception of the station. Now I only bring this up because as I was driving home from work last week “Your Body is a Wonderland” by John Mayer came on the radio. Every time I hear this song I associate it with one memory in college: While trying to find a song at the old un-remolded UW IMA, I landed on a radio station that was playing that song. As I was about to change it because if you’ve ever heard it…you know it’s not “typically” get your blood pumping workout music, I looked up to see a big muscular frat boy killing it on the treadmill mouthing?…you guessed it…”Your Body is a Wonderland.” In retrospect it doesn’t seem that funny, but I think I laughed out loud at the time…because basically…I caught him. But overall, it got me thinking about days of past, and how although I LOVED my arm walkman…it’s nice we’ve evolved a little bit (they were pretty bouncy on runs).

And of course….

Guess who just woke up and is helping me finish my post?

Photo on 2013-04-17 at 12.24

The Mase-mister…or as we typically call him: Mase-man!

But seriously…how cute are these two?


So happy!


5 seconds later


Cutest Avengers…in jeans!




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