E&M: One Year!

Dear Elliott and Mason,

One year! We did it! And by “we” I mean your dad and me. I think the first birthday is more of a celebration for the parents since we can officially say we made it a whole year, but it is your birthday so we’ll try not to steal too much of your thunder. As every other letter has alluded to, this past year has been anything but ordinary–it was in fact really extraordinary. And to be honest, it was tough and exhausting, but the payoffs outweigh any of the difficulties along the way. You two have changed our world in ways we could have never ever EVER imagined. I honestly never knew I could love someone(s) so much. I also never knew how much having you two would change our family dynamic. Ben and I will never be “Ben and I” again, but that is okay…we are both better now that you are here, better as individuals, as a couple, and as a family. To celebrate your first year, and our first year as parents, your dad and I took a very belated honeymoon to Hawaii. We left you for seven days, six nights with your grandma…and boy are you lucky to have such a grandma. Without her, we wouldn’t have been able to have such a great time, since we knew how much fun you were going to have (and with true grandma fashion…she gave you ice cream for the first time). We had an amazing trip, but I think we were the only two people ever happy to be leaving Hawaii…because we knew who we were coming home to.

You two are now starting to play with each other more and more. One of you will start going in a direction and then you’ll stop, turn around, and make sure you’re being followed. We have a special cupboard in the kitchen that is yours and you two love to play in it–taking out the vinegar, oil, etc. You shake everything, chase it around, and tuck anything you can under stuff (i.e. the couch, chairs, oven, refrigerator, bed, etc etc etc). Before we had to corral you in places, but now it is fun to let you roam around from room to room. I love how mostly everything is fun and exciting to you…your toys, the swings, bath time, even when I tuck your stuffed animals into the top of the crib and you have to save them. You pull them down, hand them to me, laugh, and then we do it all over again. I’m excited for what this next year will bring, but man are you fun right now.

Elliott–You’re walking!…well kind of. You’ve taken many steps and are starting to take a couple steps, stop, and then resume. I guess it’s not officially walking yet, but you are darn close. When you use the walker, you are now figuring out how to turn it to keep going rather than shaking it and yelling when you run into something and can’t go any further. You love the car we got you and Mason for Christmas and shake your booty up and down when you get the right song on the radio. Everything is exciting to you. You point at everything (mostly telling us where you want to go) and when we tell you what you’re pointing at…you giggle.


Elliott and his “walking face”


Rocking no pants on New Year’s Eve

Mason–You thought that it might be fun to go back to the hospital for your birthday, but thankfully you were okay (high fever, little virus) and we were able to come home hours before you turned one. In the past month you have started stacking the rings and doing all the puzzle-y things that we have around the house. You have also taken many steps and love to push the walker around or anything else that moves (i.e. chairs). You’ve got eight teeth and are getting to be so big. No one would ever guess that you were less than 4.5 lbs at birth. We call you the “Great Pacy Detective” because you love to crawl under your crib and find the pacifiers you have dropped during nap or bedtime. You come out and I immediately take them away and then back under you go. Sometimes for fun (and/or to kill time) we throw a bunch underneath there to keep you occupied. You just army crawl away.


Great Pacy Detective in action


Showing off one of the nine million bruises on your drunken sailor forehead

For your first birthday we decided against a party for a couple of reasons. The main reason was the timing didn’t quite work out, but we figured since you were one, you’d be okay with it and not be scarred for life. It ended up being a good decision since neither of you were feeling quite right. We did do cakes though and that was super fun to watch. Elliott, you were a little hesitant, but Mason made up for you. There was nothing left.



Thank you two for a beautiful first year, and now it is on to the second.


New Year’s Eve at the Park.

Love, Momma


2 thoughts on “E&M: One Year!

  1. It was so fun watching those little sweeties, they were good to their gramma and we had a great time. I’ll remember my stay always and how fun it was to watch them going all over the house chattering away. So precious!

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