E&M: 14 Months

Dear Elliott & Mason,

As you can probably see, I skipped a month. I think that your letters will now be marked more by major milestones than by each month. And we hit two major milestones in the past two months: weaning and walking. First weaning…16 days! 16 days and you were done with bottles and formula. I’m sure this is not a record, but it went so much easier and smoother than I ever thought possible. Now you are strictly on solids, milk, and sippy cups. And walking. You hinted at it before we left for Hawaii, took a few good ones for grandma when we were gone, but once we came back you were off. Although we have to chase you around now, it is so much fun to have you on two legs. You get to experience so much more and interact with others. We have now taken you to a few places/events where you have gotten to run around with bigger kids. You really like it, and so do we.

Elliott–My big, loveable man. You will take your time, meticulously trying to get things a certain way, but if it doesn’t work out you tend to get so frustrated and throw whatever it is you’re holding. I joke that you have my patience to a point, and then get frustrated like your dad. You love to build the blocks and stack anything and everything. You even sorted all the plastic cups the other day and then put them back together. You tend to like to be held more and more and I will say it is very sweet when you just want to sit in our laps. Last night you carried a book to dad after we brushed teeth, sat in his lap, had him read the whole thing, and then made the “more” sign with your hands. Although I’m sure dad read that book 1,000 times that day, I think he was thrilled with doing it one more while you snuggled. You amaze me at how big you’re getting. Instead of putting your toys in the bath while it filled up yesterday you decided to just get in. I didn’t know you could do this, but there you were sitting in the water in your pjs. Just another reminder that you’re growing…and we can’t turn our backs for a second.

photo 2

Rocking your old man sweater

photo 5

Saying “Go Seahwawks!” in your championship onesie.

Mason–My little happy, reckless, fearless man. You eat anything….anything we give you. You’ll try it, and most of the time it stays in the mouth. I love watching you play so contently. The other day you discovered the shape box and will take your time putting each piece in, taking them all out, and doing it again. Over and over. You also have no fear and will just go. This is great for some things like meeting new people or being in a new surrounding, or bad in the sense that you want to reach your hand in and grab the chickens.  AND you are still your reckless self. Carrying the pillow pets around, diving on them, and sometimes hitting your head on the floor.  You get so excited when you run around, that you don’t look where you’re going and “bang”…right into the table. But as usual, a few tears and you bounce right back. Right now when you know there is something we don’t want you to do, you look at us, shake your hand back and forth as if asking if it’s a “no,” but then tend to do it anyway. We’ll then say “Maaason” and you immediately pull back and shake your hand back and forth again. It just cracks me up how you know it’s wrong, ask, and then do it anyways, and immediately tell me it’s wrong again. In the past few weeks I have gone into your bedroom at night to hold Elliott for a moment because he is crying. I stand between your cribs with my back to you and sway him back and forth. Every time I do this,  you stand up, put one hand on my back, and reach out and hold Elliott’s hand. As soon as I feel your little hand, I could just melt. You support both of us, and as soon as I lay Elliott back down, you lay down too…your job complete.

Rocking your old man sweater

Rocking your old man sweater

"Go Seahawks!"

“Go Seahawks!”


Oh my growing boys…how I love you.

Having a little milk before our evening walk (pjs already on).

Having a little milk before our evening walk (pjs already on).

Love, Momma


One thought on “E&M: 14 Months

  1. Mason, you are the worlds greatest hugger. When I sit on the floor and reach out for you, you just dive into my shoulder and just melt into me. You will stroke my hair and mew like a kitten, heartbreaker! Elliott, you are also a great snuggler, especially after waking in the morning or after a nap. You are content to be held and kissed all over for the longest time. Then, you are both ready to go exploring. You both have grown and changed so much and as always are loved to the moon and back by this grandma!

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