The Life and Times of Two Babies…and a Whole bunch of vomit

There are certain times where it is much more apparent that Ben and I have two babies. Granted it is normally all hands on deck (such as for swim class, on the airplane, etc.), but we have become pretty adapt at handling both of them on our own. But on Tuesday we were once again reminded that we have two babies….AND…there are only two of us (parents). As a side note, I have often thought that we have the wrong ratio. One baby typically gets two parents (1:2), so two babies should really get four parents (2:4)…right?


All was same as usual. Then I put them in their high chairs for dinner and no one wanted to eat anything. Okay, strange, but they are toddlers, try a few things, Mason has a couple of beans, Ben and I are talking and then all of a sudden Mason vomits all over his tray….and again…and again. We thought maybe he had gagged on something (but it was ALOT of vomit). Okay, clean tray off, clean Mason, try again. Elliott crying….crying…crying. Pull him out of his chair and then he vomits all over me. And then keeps vomiting, over and over. I ran into the kitchen calling for Ben and it was just everywhere. Okay, don’t panic. It’s all over my clothes, arms, neck, in my hair, Elliott, the kitchen…breathe, set Elliott down, both babies crying…take off puke sweater, clean off arms, call cousin (we needed more help), put babies in bathtub for cousin to watch for a minute, I call doctor, Ben cleans up puke. Okay…we’re fine.

Everyone is clean, semi-happy, Elliott pukes again. Mason one hour later drinks some Pedialyte, pukes all over self and floor. Both babies to bed at 7, everyone is fine. 7:30, Mason crying. He puked all over himself, the crib, etc. Ben gets him clean, I change sheets, clean up floor, back to bed. 8:30 Mason crying…I run in and swoop him out of the crib into the bathroom where he pukes in sink. 9:15, swoop in and do the same with Elliott…phew…two close calls. 12:30 a.m. dry heaving (pathetically sad to watch). 1:15 a.m. more dry heaving. 2 a.m., everyone asleep (except momma).


Gross, so very gross


Sad, so very sad

We are all doing much better and am just glad that it was only some vomiting. I am thankful that we were both home (that Sean could help for a few) and that we do have a strong network to call on if we were alone. Oh…two babies.


One thought on “The Life and Times of Two Babies…and a Whole bunch of vomit

  1. So sad to see babies so sad! And poor mom and dad, baptism by fire with two! Glad they are all better and I can’t wait to come and get my gramma fix…missed a week seeing them, glad all is back to “normal”, love you

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