E&M: 16 Months

Dear Elliott & Mason,

Happy 16 months! At this time in your lives you are starting to show unbelievable amounts of comprehension and pick up on things so quickly. You understand when we say things like “can you give that to (insert name)” and you hand it over, or “go put your jackets on” and you walk over and get your jackets. Your actual word use is still pretty minimal, but you know exactly what we are saying. You also are starting to master different skills. Last Friday you both learned how to climb down stairs (either by scooting on your tushes or turning backwards and crawling down). I can’t tell you how excited I was that you were doing it (and both of you) because before you would do it once, stand up and then just plummet. This is soooo much better. You both know when we tell one of you not to do something, because immediately the other one of you goes and does the same thing. I guess you are each just testing out the waters on if it REALLY does apply to you too. For the record…if does. You both are getting molars (can’t wait for those all to come in), know where your bellybuttons are (hilarious) and are wanting more independence (like using silverware or sitting at the table rather than in your high chairs). You are both so very happy, and love each other so much. Everyday I am thankful that we have you both, but also that you have each other.

Elliott: My gentle giant. You get so sad when Mason takes something out of your hands, but do not try and grab it back. You have turned “momma” into a whine though, and I always know when Mason has taken something from you because I hear “ma ma ma ma ma.” The best part of my work day is when I come home and dad has you outside on the sidewalk. You see me and no matter how far away I am you starting running (or your version of it) right into my arms. Melts my heart every time. Lately you have been going through a “momma phase” and I know that I should be grateful for these times, because sometime in the future it won’t be that way. And nothing is more special than you snuggling into my neck or sitting in my lap.

photo 3

Enjoying a smoothie (and Mason’s too).

Mason: My cheshire cat. You have this grin right now that could melt any heart. You grin ear to ear like the cheshire cat and we laugh every time. You are still the fearless/reckless guy you’ve always been, but you are now able to do more things that before gave you big bruises on your forehead–although right now you have a big one from when your stick broke the other day and your forehead met the sidewalk. We dusted you off, wiped the blood way, gave you a snuggle, and after a few tears you were off again. You know what everything is in the picture books and will point with glee when we ask you where stuff is. When you see the pool before swim class you point at it  and go “BAH,” so very very loud, over and over, which we interpret as “YAY WE GET TO GO SWIMMING. LET’S GO NOW!” People always look at you and just laugh. I’m sure like us too, they wonder how such a loud sound could come out of such a little body.

Wearing dad's shoes.

Wearing dad’s shoes.

Right now you are both thoroughly enjoying swim classes, the Radio Flyer Aunt Darla and Uncle Pat sent you, and just being outdoor kids running around with a stick in your hands (makes me nervous, but I’ll get over it). If your dad and I have it our way, you will always be outdoor babies that are dirty, tired at the end of the day, and full of simple joy.

photo 1



photo 1

Helping dad get a toy out from under the couch.

photo 2

L.O.V.E. our Radio Flyer.

photo 3

Busy, busy, dudes.

Love, Momma


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