Hello Nation’s Capitol

This past Memorial Day weekend I ventured over to Virginia and Washington DC sans husband and babies. Instead I flew over with my dad, and met up with my aunts from California and aunts from Virginia. In total there were five Abels (Darla, Liz, Marlene, Dad and myself), one adopted Abel (Darla’s bestfriend Lil), and Marlene’s husband Thor. I’m sure when we all landed the state took a big inhale, because a whirlwind had just landed. Having my three aunts together only happens every couple of years. Thankfully I get to see one or two of them each year, but to have all of them together (with my dad) is more rare. Each of them is a spitfire, full of energy, a go-get-em attitude, and full of so much generosity. Although it feels chaotic at times to have so many bodies and personalities all together, I have so much fun being a part of their world and standing right in the middle of it all. The first two days we spent in Luray Virginia where Marlene and Liz live. It’s a small town that is just beautiful–full of greenery, and a lovely walking path that goes through town along the river. We walked, checked out the local thrift shop, toured the Luray Caverns (unbelievable), chatted, and ate very well.


Shenandoah Valley


In the Luray Caverns


7 Rib-eye steaks for dinner

The six of us (5 ladies and dad), then headed to DC. I was super excited to see DC and really just wanted to do all the touristy things. By the time we got to DC (after driving, checking in to the hotel, taking the train to the city) on Saturday it was warm and sunny. We walked all around seeing the Washington Monument, Reflecting Pool, Lincoln Memorial, MLK Jr. Memorial, and all the stuff in between. I am so impressed with how well everything is laid out and how the planners were able to incorporate so many elements while still leaving the greenery, trees, and water. I thought it was so pretty. Lil and I were all set to keep going and see FDR and the Jefferson Memorial, but the group was done. So we headed back to the hotel. By the time we got to our area it was around 8 p.m. and way past dinner time so it was good we left when we did. Dad picked our dinner spot–the Irish pub Ned Devines, and we all had a well deserved burger and drink after a very full day.


Washington Monument


View from the Lincoln Memorial

The next morning, Dad and I headed early into the city. The girls still had one more day in the city so they were going to meet up with us later. We toured the Natural History and Air & Space Museums before they met up with us. We then had a quick froyo and sandwich and finished our time together at the American History Museum. Again, so impressed. All the Smithsonian Museums are free and so interesting. Everything from the Hope Diamond to Dorothy’s Ruby Red Slippers and everything in-between. By then it was time for dad and I to say goodbye and head to the airport. There were some things I didn’t get to see (i.e. White House, FDR Memorial, etc.), but that will just have to be a reason to go back. I’d love to bring the dudes there when they’re a little older. I think they’ll get a kick out of the Air & Space Museum since pointing our airplanes is one of their top things right now.

It was hard to leave again, but definitely not as hard as Hawaii. In fact, I was really looking forward to the adult time. I made sure to enjoy my time, and then came home and kissed the cheeks off those two little guys (and one big guy too).


Two little dudes playing with their new airplanes


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