E&M: 17 Months

My little bambinos,

When did you turn into little boys? I still refer to you as “the babies,” but you are definitely not actual babies anymore. Within the last month we have officially transitioned to one nap. We have so much more free time in the morning now to do stuff and you go down like little dreams (sometimes you even walk into your room and try to crawl into your crib), so I see it as a good thing. You both are such good helpers. You love to help put your toys away, your clothes in the hamper, feed the chickens, and help unload the dishwasher. I am continuously amazed at your comprehension levels. Words are still pretty limited, but it’s not that you two don’t talk. Blah blah blah is all we ever hear. I’m sure one day soon you’ll just come out with actual sentences, so I’m not that worried. Things you both are fixated on, LOVE: airplanes, the ceiling fans, lights (or rather light switches), and berry you can get your hands on, your trucks, brushing your teeth, climbing on EVERYTHING, feeding the chickens our garden, throwing toys for Abby (getting knocked down in the process is a side-effect you’re not stoked on), sidewalk chalk, bubbles, and giving kisses.

photo 1

Rocking your UW sweatshirts from Aunt Becky!

Elliott: The other day you figured out how to work the little slide in our backyard by yourself. Up, down, up, down, over and over. I love that you can do it for two reasons: 1) we don’t have to help you anymore (b/c you want to do it over and over) and 2) you’re able to be more independent. You’re showing this in other areas too, like wanting to use utensils. Mason tends to give up after a while and go with the two-hand shove in the mouth approach, but you are so meticulous. You will keep at it. You are still such a snuggle bug and LOVE to give kisses. We will take all that we can get.

So big Giving kisses

Mason: My little spider monkey. You can get up on anything…things I didn’t even know were possible to climb. The other day you were sitting in your high chair just grinning at me. I have NO idea how you managed to get up there, but you were so proud of yourself. You also impressed Elliott, because right away he was trying to climb into his chair. Grandma jokes that you are going to think your name is “Maaason,” because you are always trying to get into everything.  You also have discovered your “Godfather” voice. In a deep raspy voice you looked at me the other day and went “ma ma.” I swear in your mind you were brushing your fingers under your chin. It’s hysterical to hear such a deep voice come out of a little body. We also refer to you as Zorro right now because you LOVE sidewalk chalk and will chalk anything and everything. Maybe some day we will set perimeters on what is okay and not okay to chalk (okay: sidewalk; not okay: Abby), but right now we are just letting your creative juices flow. You are so good at trying just about anything we give you to eat and I hope that will continue.

So big Zorro

Can’t get enough of you two.

Love, momma


One thought on “E&M: 17 Months

  1. 17 months is hard to believe and boy have they changed! I can see little men in them instead of babies. They are the most loving, kissable, irrestable little men I know and I am the luckiest person to be their gramma and the luckiest to have had you for a daughter, I am so BLESSED!!!!

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