E&M: 20/21 Months

**DISCLAIMER: I wrote most of this a month ago…yes it’s taken me a month+ to finish it.  We’re busy is all I can say.

Dear Elliott & Mason,

As you experienced, our summer was a little crazy, leaving less time for me to type about all your crazy adventures and advances. BUT know, that we have enjoyed experiencing these moments even if I’m not writing it all down. One deterrent is that as soon as I think of something to type, you do something different. It’s so hard to capture it all, but I do want to write a few things so that my “toddler brain” (extension of baby brain), will one day look back, read, and really remember.

First and foremost, you two are just lovely. You make Ben and I laugh everyday. And even though we still have some tough patches, you really are happy dudes who just like to play and be loved. Your verbal language has taken off in the past month with more actual words coming out of your mouth (and a whole lot of jargon). You will say something to us with the most intent look on your face, like you’re really saying something and we should obviously understand. You play really well with each other and have started to have more fun wrestling and chasing each other around. But you also are typical toddlers and get a little too rough with each other–Mason you like to sit on Elliott like he’s a horse, and Elliott, you are in to pushing Mason when you want someone’s attention. You both love to ride your airplanes, go to the park, drive your trucks all around the house, mow, and pick the grapes from our vines. Your sense of independence and “spirit” is becoming more robust too and you are really trying to see what you can and cannot do. As usual for the record, if you look at us with your “should I do it face,” you probably shouldn’t. We continuously try to encourage your self-sufficiency. At a BBQ the other day, one of Ben’s co-workers commented how she likes how we encourage you to do things yourself (Elliott you were trying to climb up on the picnic table bench. You made an “eh” noise and looked at me and I said “you can do it,” and you did.) I told her it was part so you could learn, but also because there are two of you so you two have to be able to do it yourselves at some point. We only have so many arms.

Your summer has been full of the park, lots and lots of outside time, your first camping trip, trips to the zoo, Longview for the 4th, concerts at the park, and capped off with your second trip to St. Louis. We have all had a lot of fun…busy, busy, fun.

Elliott: My gentle giant. You’re not really a giant, but you are gentle (when you’re not pushing), and you love to snuggle. You also love bringing flowers to momma (dandelions from the yard), which melts my heart. You’re a berry and grape glutton and will riffle through the strawberry patch and reach for any grape you can get. Just recently you’ve been super into momma, which I need to treasure, because one day that won’t be the case. You still run with our arms swaying in the air above your head, and jump like a prancing pony. When Mason takes something from you (happens a lot), you still don’t try and take it back, but holler with unhappiness. This happens a lot with the hose, which you let Mason take it and then get so upset. Ben said that one day you’ll realize you’re bigger than Mason and then he’ll be in trouble. You love the water and will water the garden or anything if you can get (aka “keep) the hose.

Mason: My spider monkey. If there is something you can’t climb or get to, I’d be surprised. You are continuously pushing your limits and tend to almost always be successful. You love to dance with your arms pumping in the air and have taught Elliott your moves. The other day I peaked in from the kitchen while you two were eating dinner and there you both were, pumping your fists in the air. You are hysterical with the hose and will spray anyone who gets to close to you with a look at glee. Elliott tends to be your favorite target, especially after you’ve acquired the hose from him. You are also super lovey right now and will give out kisses like they’re water. The other night we read a book and you reached up to kiss me after each page. You both love to read so much, but you will follow us around with a book, shoving it at us, until we agree to sit-down and read it. Although it’s always not the most convenient time (aka when momma is doing the dishes), I’m glad you find such joy in books.

You two are constantly changing, moving, growing, and developing into such sweet little boys…although you are still very much dudes.

photo 3 photo 4
St. Louis Ted Drewes St. Louis Zoo


photo 1 photo 2
Reading with dad Landscapers no matter the weather
photo 4 photo 5

photo 3First pumpkin patch

You are very very loved,



One thought on “E&M: 20/21 Months

  1. Oh, you dear, sweet little men. You just left grammas after spending four LOVELY days with me. We had a lot of fun. We went to the park numerous times, went visiting to show you off, went to a neighbors and played with his toy cars that you could get in and push around, visited the library twice and just had a great time being together and playing. When Great gramma and I come and watch you monday and tuesdays, you usually will cry when we leave and want us to stay. Well, I know now how that feels to you, because I wanted to reach out to you and never let go, I may have even shed a tear or two! You are amazing little guys that fill all of us with so much love for you. I am going to treasure this time with you and get all my hugging and kissing that I can cause I know one day you will be busy with your own lives..as it should be and being around a gramma will not be top priority! I will ALWAYS love you two to the moon and back and your mom too! xxoo

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