Dear Elliott & Mason,

Two. You’re two. I’m not sure how it happened so fast, but you’re TWO! When you were littler (under the age of 1) someone mentioned the saying, “the days are long, but the years are short.” This has never rang more true. I’m sure when you’re 22, I’ll say the same thing. Since I last wrote you have changed dramatically. You are at the stage where all developments are huge and they happen fast. You both are still some of the most physically active toddlers I’ve ever seen. You go, go, go, and we just try and keep up. You understand everything EVERYTHING, and are now starting to find your words. Your voices are so sweet and soft and you get so excited when you say the real word and we understand. When there is a spare second, I sit back in awe and wonder and just watch you. Ben and I have never gotten over the fact that there are two of you…and now you’re two.

Elliott-You are still my gentle giant. You whine like crazy beans when Mason takes something from you, but you also share and give things to him when asked. You are becoming dramatically independent. You want to dress yourself, zip your coat, and do everything that at times still requires some help. When you can’t get your pants on (two legs in one hole), you take them off and throw them. You then go over and get them and try again. You are persistent, strong-willed, and determined. All things that at times drive us crazy, but that we love. You are so sweet. After you saw the blood on my hand from a cut the other day, your eyes welled up and you kept pointing at it saying “momma momma.” I had to keep reassuring you that I was okay. You love your trains, the new barn from Christmas, books, cats, your pooh/tigger/blanket combo, climbing up dad and getting flipped over, being chased and tickled, and snuggling with momma.

Mason-My little dare-devil. I sincerely hope that one day you will look before leaping. You and Elliott loved to be chased around the house and you will run in circles looking at us rather than where you’re going. You still just bounce back up though when you go down. You give the best hugs. I call them “world-class Mason hugs.” You put your arms all the way around us and just squeeze. You also kiss with purpose. You smash your face into ours and just hold it there. It’s a little awkward, but I can’t get enough. You will eat just about anything, and love to help me cook. You also like to take the cooking books off the shelf and look through them. I have a feeling you have your dad’s culinary genius ingrained. You still love books and will repeatedly shove books in our faces or hit them on our legs if you want a story read. You also love to build with your legos, and sit quietly by yourself and just build away. Besides books and legos, you love your trains, trucks, and just going.

I wish I could capture everything so I won’t forget it. How you both put your hands up and very close together when you don’t know something (like where something is), how you point to specific spots on the floor when Ben comes home because you want him to immediately sit down so you can climb and jump all over him, how you make the sweetest “choo choo” sounds for trains that sounds more like “too too,” how you love to “wash” your toys in the shower (Mason you also used your washrag to “wash” the tub during shower time), how you love to help with everything (setting the table, vacuuming, sweeping, putting clothes away), and how you are just the sweetest most loving little boys. There is so much more, and you are so much more, and I love you oh so very much. Happy 2nd birthday dudes.

Elliott unnamed DSC_0999-2 IMG_1705 IMG_1756 IMG_1782 IMG_1791 IMG_1797

Love, Momma


One thought on “E&M: TWO YEARS

  1. Dear Elliott and Mason, I can’t believe it’s been two years already! And let me tell you, the past two years have been SO MUCH FUN! You guys melt my heart with everything you do. I love when you come to Longview with me and when you see my house, you both clap! It is never boring with you guys around! You know everything that is said to you and you are such helpers. Today, you both helped mop the floor and vacuum and you always put away your toys without having to ask. You are inquisitive, loving, adventurous and just the cutest boys EVER. Love, your gramma who will always love you to the moon and back!

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