E&M: 2.5 Years

Dear Elliott and Mason,

Two and half years already.  Although all of our stages have been great, we are at an exceptionally fun time right now. You two are big enough to understand, communicate, and have the cutest individual personalities, but are young enough to still experience and give pure joy and unconditional love. At times I feel like my heart will burst with love for you when you come snuggle me and give kisses out of the blue, or do something caring like rub my shoulder when I said it was sore. At other times I feel like my head will burst when you show your independent, defiant, toddler-ness. It’s never for long, and it gives your dad and I tons of patience practicing. Your imaginations are starting to grow and you will pretend play with each other or with your toys. We took the rail off your cribs a few months ago and you two have amazed us at how good of a transition you did. Sometimes we have to still go in and lay down the law, but mostly you just talk to each other, make sure nothing has fallen out of the others bed, and laugh.

Elliott–You (and Mason) are starting to use more and more words everyday. You have even started stringing 3 and 4 words together like the other day when you said “momma play choo-choo” and “no dada blow bubble.” I love the little things that come out of your mouth. For father’s day I asked what you wanted to give Ben and you said “purple water,” or “pur-ple wa-wa.” Why? Who knows. But we made some and you proudly took it to him. We have come to realize how analytical you are and how you like a measure of control (A-type personality here we come). Asking or telling you to do something without explanation typically gives us an immediate “no,” but with just a little rationale or information and you understand and do what we ask. Trains and diggers are still your favorite and you’re starting to play more independently. I started a new job last month and now the first thing you say to me in the morning is “momma no work.” This about breaks my heart, and I will treasure it because one day you probably won’t care. You are loving, caring, shy, and goofy goofy goofy.

Mason–for the longest time you both have called me da-momma. I love it. It makes me feel like a loving mob boss. Yet, just recently you started calling me mommy…or rather, maaaaw-meeeee…very emphasized. I’m not sure where you got it, but I keep trying to get you back to momma or da-momma, but you just smile and say Mawww—meeeee. Right now you have about 9- 10 stuffed animals in your bed (pooh, tigger, bear, bunny, monkey, piglet, eeyore, aardvark, elephant pillow pet) and your pillow and blanket. You know when something is missing and you’re not happy until all of your babies are in your bed.  You are becoming a true ham. You have this fake laugh which cracks us up, and love to make animal noises. Your current favorite is the elephant noise, which you do just as loud as real elephant. When I ask you to make a baby elephant sound instead you do it twice as loud and just laugh. You love to read. This week it’s the oo-oo-oo-ooo book that you got from Aunt Katie and family for your birthday. That would be Curious George. These are the longest stories we have read and you patiently sit through them and then want more. Every now and then you get upset before bed because you want “mo book.”–Not because you’re postponing sleep, but because you genuinely love books. We find it very hard to tell you no when it comes to this one so most of the time we oblige until it really is the “last one.” You still love your trains, but are just fascinated by “diggers.” You also can pedal your trike like a champ. It took you about a month, but then we couldn’t stop you from bigger and better things….and we hopefully never will.

There are times when both still want to be held like babies, or just have us hold you while you lay long rather than wrap your legs around us. When this happens I always am surprised at how long your legs go and that you are now longer than half of my body. I celebrate you getting bigger, but cherish your smallness. You are no longer babies, but you are my babies.

Cannon Beach, July 2015

Cannon Beach, July 2015

Concert Park Night

Concert Park Night

Sunday mornings with momma

Sunday mornings with momma

Love momma


One thought on “E&M: 2.5 Years

  1. Oh, you beautiful boys! You are growing and changing so fast and I am so thankful to be close enough to see all of it. You both are so loving and oh, so independent……me do it!! it is never a dull moment when you two are in the house, you make me laugh and you love to do things to make us laugh…..silly, lovable, irresistible little men. As always, I love you to the moon and back, gramma, xoxoxo

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