Don’t wake the dragon

Elliott and Mason were born in the Year of the Water Dragon. I was pretty excited when I found this out, because 1) I thought it sounded so cool to have little dragon babies; and 2) according to Chinese horoscopes, it is supposed to be lucky (both to them and the household). However, also according to Chinese horoscopes, dragons are fiery, temperamental, and all other things associated, with, well dragons. The water element is thankfully, supposed to calm them…I guess. For a more in-depth description see here: Dragon is a sign of energy and power and has a special place in Asian mythology. In the East, the Dragon is a symbol of luck and authority. People under the influence of the Dragon are considered charismatic, independent and resourceful. In astrology, the Dragon corresponds to the sign of Aries. People born in this year tend to be fearless and confident in their pursuits and are often successful. They need to be careful not to make decisions too quickly and be aware of not being too arrogant. The element of water has the most calming effect on the Dragon and cools their fiery tempers. Water is said to bring out patience and sensitivity in a Dragon’s personality that is often overshadowed by their fiery need for attention. This influence tends to help them make wiser decisions and work better with others. (According to this website).

Anyways, not that I’m really into horoscopes or anything–again, mostly I just thought it sounded cool. The reason I bring this up, is that we started (with no connection to their horoscope) saying “don’t wake the dragon” when Elliott is sleeping. As a reference, Elliott in general is a little louder, feistier, and harder to calm down when he gets upset, so we like him to get as much sleep as he wants.

I bring this up because this past weekend the four of us (Abby had a doggler date) went to Long Beach, WA with my dad for Ben’s first clam digging. The boys were amazing on the way over there (they slept the whole car ride…2.5 hours), but when we got there, things started to change. For one, neither baby had pooped in awhile…how long you say? Elliott was rocking 6 days strong–and that would make anyone upset. We stayed in a motel with paper-thin walls, and you can see where this is going. The dragon…the poor dragon…woke up at 5:45 AM and 7:30 AM howling and breathing fire. Nothing was calming this boy down. And because he felt so bad for him, the other, smaller (but amazing just as loud sometimes) dragon started up too. Ben was gone clamming for the 2nd bout, and when he returned at 9:15 AM, I was pretty sure we were about 10 minutes away from getting kicked out. And of course, 5 minutes before we leave, both babies were silent and cashed out. Why? Monster poops. Well at least it happened before we got in the car. Overall, their 2nd trip to the beach was good, even if our neighbors didn’t think so. But I’m sure if they saw them, they would forgive us instantly…because honestly, how cute are they?:


and to add to our growing number of beach self portraits:


Yes the babies are with us, but it was so windy they are covered up.