Media moguls

It was a big weekend for the boys, filled with more media exposure than I thought they would have at 5 1/2 months. First, they had a calendar photo shoot with their great-grandma Gail. With great a little reluctance, my grandma agreed to participate in the Hot Flashing Lumpy Ladies’ calendar. This is a calendar that features breast cancer survivors appearing like they are naked—as in the movie “Calendar Girls,”–that raises money for cancer research. Our family friend Arleen, and Longview’s all-star (Momma Hubble as I call her–participates, organizes, and leads just about everything in the Longview community) asked grandma to be “Miss December” with the boys. Although not too excited to disrobe, she was not going to: 1) say no to Arleen; and 2) pass up this opportunity to have with the boys.

Originally, the boys were going to be in stockings, covering up grandma’s front, but they got too big to fit. So instead, they were shoved in a package type box, with grandma behind. The photographer said that she could Photoshop from one picture to the next, which is probably a good thing, since the boys were all over the place…one would smile, the other would grab his foot, etc. etc. I was going to take some photos to share, but mom and I got in trouble for trying to take a picture of Mason sitting on a saddle (one of their props). We were reprimanded like little kids, so alas…no pictures. We will all just have to wait till the calendars go on sale. (I will say that although grandma was not overly excited of appearing naked…by the sounds of it she had it pretty easy. Grandma got to take her photos in Mr. C’s studio, sitting on the floor, surrounded by Christmas trees, packages, etc. Other ladies apparently are taking their photos outside, and we were told “Miss October” had to balance on a broom…yikes).

The next day was Father’s Day. About a month ago I read that “The Oregonian” was accepting photos for Father’s Day. These photos were supposed to represent a “dad moment.” Ben gave me the green light to submit one on his behalf, and hearing nothing back from the newspaper, I had no idea if it was selected for print. So on Sunday morning I got a call (from Mr. Jeff Green) telling me that Ben was in the paper. I got all excited that they had printed it and since I was in Longview, I went to the store to buy a copy to share. As soon as the lady at the gas station handed me the paper, I grinned from ear to ear. Not only was the picture of my handsome husband and sweet babies in the paper, but they were chosen to be on the front page representing the Father’s Day section.

photo-20 photo-19
Front Page In “Living” section

What a nice little surprise for Ben’s first Father’s Day. And our two little media moguls were so good to dad on his special day–they fell asleep when we went out to dinner.