Today I turned 32. There is nothing extremely significant about this, but since this is my first birthday as a momma, and in turn with babies, it is definitely a birthday unlike any other. Mostly, I have just been reflecting on birthdays past. Last year, I knew that I was pregnant, but we only thought it was one baby, and of course, the 31 year old me had no idea what the next year would bring. Ten years ago, I was just about to graduate with my Bachelor’s degree from the University of Washington, and that 22 year old could never ever EVER imagine what the next ten years would bring: travel, more school, Ben, more school, the loss of my grandfather, and now twin babies. The past ten years have been anything but boring. To me, they have been extraordinary, and I feel blessed at all that I have been able to do and have experienced. I’m sure the next ten years will bring even more things that I cannot quite fathom right now, but I refuse to even think about those years. My plan is to throughly enjoy 32 and the present, because I know that 33, and every year after that will come sooner than I expect. So right now I say “happy 32!”